My partner Vincent Thibaudat


Outdoor professionnal expert and keen sportsman!

Professional life is built on encounters. I met Vincent at the end of 2011, through a mutual friend, and especially, through our shared passion for Trail running (Vincent also did the Grand Raid de la Réunion, and numerous other ultra trail races). At the moment I was looking for additionnal support to lead Raidlight, and Vincent wanted to find a job position with an entrepreuneurial mindset and related to his passion. Three months later, he had sold his house  the Paris region, was joining Raidlight-Vertical to assist me for the leadership,  and invested in 25% of Raidlight-Vertical’s capital.

Complementary ground : I am in charge ofthe creativity, image, innovation, marketing, communication, while Vincent is in charge of management, finances, operational strategies and sales.

Common ground : move quickly, take measured risks with fast decision making process, and finally, love of both Trail running and entrepreneurship.

We are not engaged (!), but we became true partners. Eight years of entrepreneurial work together allowed us to know each other and we are able today, to work in full confidence and complicity combining our skills. We truly became a well-functioning and complementary team, and we see no reason to change a winning team for our next adventures…

Vincent graduated in HEC-Entrepreneurs et des Mines. He began his professional career as an entrepreneur when founding in 1999 a first company, a pioneer society in offering solutions for storing and printing digital photos on the web, which was resold in 2001.

Between 2001 and 2011 he works as an « intrapreneur » and manages various job positions in consulting firms for management / organization / and services (ex: Accenture, Peat Marwick, Capgemini). He specializes in identifying, defining, and implementing large-scale outsourcing contracts for these societies (transaction from 50 to 250m€). In particular, in 2008-2009, he is responsible for the launching of an Indian I.T services major group activities in France. Thanks to his dedicated work and in just over 12 months, the group grows from 0 to a hundred employees. Vincent is also a member of the Réseau Entreprendre, of Grenoble Angels, and of the French Association for Business transferors and transferees (CRA).

Sporting results:

  • 40’ for 10km, 1h25 for half-marathon, 3h07 for a marathon
  • Finisher of the Grand Raid de la Réunion, the Endurance Trail des Templiers, the Ecotrail of Paris, the Grand Duc de Chartreuse, the Tour des Glaciers de la Vanoise, the 6000D, and the Saintélyon
  • In a playful sight : 13th in the Trail de Meyronne (2018), 15th in the Park City Trail Series (2016), 125th in the Grenoble Vizille (2015)
  • Finisher of the Triathlon de l’Alpe d’Huez, and the Triathlon de Nice


  • Name of company  VTH Consulting

    Dates of employment July. 2012 – Today

    Duration of employment 6 years 9 months

    Place Grenoble, France

    . Private Asset Management
    . Management consulting & Investment in Sports, Leisure, Sporting Goods industries
    . Looking for companies with high potential for growth & innovation


  • Name of company Groupe Rossignol

    Dates of employment Dec. 2017 – Feb. 2019

    Duration of employment 1 year 3 months

    Place Moirans, France

    . In charge of the Group Transformation Programme aiming at: creating value,simplifying organisation, aligning processes, increasing agility of the Group
    . Managing the Group controlling department
    . Member of the Rossignol Group Executive Committee


  • Name of the company RAIDLIGHT-VERTICAL SAS

    Dates of employement Dec. 2011 – Feb. 2019

    Duration of employment 7 years 3 months

    Place Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse

    . RaidLight is a worldwide pioneer & leader in Trail-Running(
    . Vertical is a French leader in Ski Touring and Light Hiking(… See more


  • Name of the company Accenture

    Dates of employment August 2010 – Sept. 2012

    Duration of employment 2 years 2 months

    . Deal Maker for the Resources vertical: Applications Outsourcing,Infrastructure Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, large & complexSystems Integration
    . Identify, generate, build, implement, and run large service deals (5 to 50 m€)


  • Name of the company Logica

    Dates of employment March 2009 – August 2010

    Duration of employment 1 year 6 months

    . Owner of the strategy & order intake in outsourcing (AMS, IMS, BPO) for theManufacturing vertical of Logica in France
    . Accountable for outsourcing new business opportunities


  • Name of the company Satyam

    Dates of employment January. 2008 – April 2009

    Duration of employment 1 year 4 months

    . Started Sataym (now Tech Mahindra) business in France
    . Business development of Satyam activities in France: offshoring of IS/IT,engineering services & BPO
    . Grew from 0 to more than 100 FTE providing services to the FrenSee more


  • Name of the company Capgemini

    Dates of employment June 2006 – January. 2008

    Duration of employment 1 year 8 months

    . Lead generation and Business Development in Applications Management,Infrastructure Management, Business Process Outsourcing
    . In October 2017: also Director of Pre-sales (4 people in the pre-sales team)and member of the Managing Committee of Capgemini OutsourciSee more


  • Name of the company CSC

    Dates of employment Sept. 2001 – June 2006

    Duration of employment 4 years 10 months

    . Leading of the Bid Process for large IS/IT/BPO operations
    . Provide assistance to project teams to effectively apply projectmanagement tools and procedures
    . Ensure that proposed solutions are in line with group offerings, c… See more


  • Name of the company COMMERCEe SA (Imaging Software Editor)

    Dates of employment Nov. 2000 – August 2001

    Duration of employment 10 months

    . Management of the product development team
    . Support to the CEO in the daily operations management
    . Commercial and technical development of the existing solutions: a set oftools for affiliated professional photographers, allowing them to seSee more

    NEOKASP SA (Digital Imaging Service Provider)

    Founder & CEO

    Name of the company NEOKASP SA (Digital Imaging Service Provider)

    Dates of employment Dec. 1999 – Nov. 2000

    Duration of employment 1 year

    . Design, development, and marketing of Pic-In-Touch®:
    – a software solution for creating, managing, and sharing photographslibraries online (photo albums),
    – enabling e-business by offering the possibility to order prints froSee more