Quand on vous propose un voyage tous frais payés, ça ne se refuse pas, non ?

A la petite nuance, que là je suis invité, pour une première, dans le désert de Gobi en Chine, un 400km non stop, sur les traces de la route de la Soie, tout en autonomie et au GPS (fin septembre).

Les photos sont super. Cool, non ?

(et c’est une super préparation à la Barkley 2016…)


When someone propose you a travel with all expensives paid, you van not refuse, no ?

Just this time I am invited to a first edition, in the Gobi desert in China, a non stop 400km ultratrail, on the Silk Roads, all with GPS orienteering (end of september)…

Pictures are nice. Cool, no ? 😉

(and this is a nice training for 2016 Barkley…)

——– le site internet de l’ULTRA TRAIL GOBI RACE http://http://utg.xuanzang.com.cn

What makes this race unique?

  • 400 : Four hundred kilometre, non-stop, self-navigation, self-supported race. China’s first super ultra distance event. Held in a true wilderness – 80% of the race is held in uninhabited areas
  • Run in one of the most arid regions in the world, and China’s protected desert ecosystem.
  • Test yourself against the world’s strongest winds – Guazhou County, where the race is held, is known amongst the Chinese as the Wind Storage Room, and some of the strongest winds in China have been recorded here.
  • Get ready for extreme temperature changes – the lowest recorded temperature here is 29.1℃, the highest 42.8℃.
  • Great variety of terrain– you will run on the flat and in the mountains, cross sandy and rocky deserts, wade across crystal clear rivers, traverse glaciers, snowfields and dry riverbeds, run in high altitude pastures and amongst yardangs – great rocks carved into outwordly shapes by desert winds.
  • Ancient ruins from the time of the Great Silk Road – you can enjoy the magnificent ruins of ancient towns and fortifications, including the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Suoyang City and Xuanquanzhi, and national protected areas such as Yulin Grottos and Eastern Thousand Buddha Caves.
  • Make your mark in history! The organizers, working together with the Cultural Relics Protection Ministry, have designated a special Pillar of Champions, on which the name of the current champion is carved after the race, to be erased by the next year’s champion and replaced with his or her name instead.
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