Certified professional coach

I have been coached three times in my professional and personal life.
The first time I didn’t see the point, but it was paid for, included and mandatory in a grant program. I didn’t see the point, but since it was offered. I discovered my personality among others, I discovered that coaching is not going to a “shrink”, but that it is working on problems with proven and relevant tools. The second time it was also offered in a similar grant program, and I was happy to go. The third time was when I had a very important choice to make in my professional and personal life: everything surrounding my departure from Raidlight in 2019: why, how, and what else to do. I have not regretted this choice to be accompanied.

Being coached is not an admission of weakness, it is preparing a situation or a problem from all angles, by being accompanied by an external viewpoint with proven methods and tools, to define a realistic and achievable action plan.

After having been coached, and also to respond to recurrent requests for support based on my experience as an entrepreneur, I wanted to understand what was behind the coaching mirror, and to acquire these effective tools. I have completed the training of certified professional coach at the Ecole Supérieure de Coaching de Paris in 2019 and 2020 (RNPC level 6 certification).

Coach in what ?
This is always a not very simple question to which each coach lists multiple possible situations, since the competence of a certified professional coach is quite wide with a palette of tools and varied methods made to be adapted to each problematic whether it is professional or personal.

My affinities lie in the support of entrepreneurial, strategic and capital projects, and in coaching for the evolution of life projects, professional and personal balance. But I also find efficiency (and pleasure!) in accompanying other issues.

This coaching activity is carried out in parallel with my other professional and sporting activities, and I am therefore lucky enough to be able to select the projects that I accompany: only those for which I know that I can bring out solutions and an effective action plan.

There are never any wrong questions or issues, for a personalised and tailor-made coaching, in short or classic format, contact me by email, benoit@benoitlaval.fr.