Trail running is about evolving in natural surroundings with a deep sense of freedom. I have been running for more than 35 years now, reaching a total of more than 200 Trail races of all kinds and covering all distances, in more than 25 countries … For me, in my life, trail running has been a great opportunity not only to explore the world and meet others, but also to know myself better. 

And running a lot, I often found myself thinking about the reasons why. Why do I run … ? 
I may have found an answer to that …

TRAIL TO BE ALIVE, « Running to feel free and alive », …

And more. “Trail” in English means « the way », « the path ». In other words, TRAIL TO BE ALIVE literally  translates into « a way to feel alive ». 

Speaking personally, my endeavour for running gave my life a direction and guided each of my foot steps, to the point of making a career of it with the creation of Raidlight and the Trail Stations, driving me to settle in Chartreuse mountainous landscape, and giving me the urge the travel even more.

In a broader sense and beyond running, what allowed me to follow this path lays in a state of mind and willingness: to forge ahead, live each day to its fullest, cherish life, be more daring, bold and audacious, be in perpetual movement, and be enterprising in every sense of the word. So I will simply put it this way : 

TRAIL TO BE ALIVE, « Find a way forward to feel alive ».

#TRAIL TO BE ALIVE, a way of life…

« Et vous, pourquoi courez-vous ?

And you, why do you run ? »

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