The Trail is running in a natural space with this feeling of freedom. I have been running for more than thirty-five years, with more than 200 Trails of all sizes and distances and in more than 30 countries… The Trail has been a wonderful pretext in my life to discover the world, others, but also and above all to discover myself.

My passion for the Trail is also the path that has guided my life, to make it my professional activity with the creation of Raidlight and the Trail Stations, the resumption of Nature Extrême Développement, to make me live in the mountains of Chartreuse, and a pretext to travel.

And running so much I asked myself so many times… why do I run… Maybe I finally found an answer… TRAIL to be ALIVE, running to feel free and alive.

Plus globalement et au-delà de la course à pied, ce qui m’a permis de m’épanouir, c’est un état d’esprit et une volonté de toujours aller de l’avant, de vivre chaque jour, de profiter de la vie, d’oser, d’avoir l’audace, d’être en perpétuel mouvement, et le goût d’entreprendre dans tous les sens du terme.

Le mot Trail signifiant avant tout en anglais « le chemin » (la course à pied de trail étant « Trail running »), aussi je dirais… :

#TRAIL to be ALIVE, a way of life,
“Tracing your way forward to feel alive”.


* : I have also chosen “TRAIL to be ALIVE” as the slogan and baseline of NATURE EXTREME DEVELOPMENT’s Trail trips,

Trails and trips to be alive… 😉