Nature Extreme Developpement since 2020

After leaving Raidlight in 2019, and before the covid crisis unexpectedly accelerated the recovery and my return to Raidlight, I have been looking for a professional activity that matches my personal expectations.

I have been a runner for almost 40 years and a runner for more than 20 years, I have been organising all kinds of Trails since 1993, and I have travelled to about thirty countries very often to run.

So to combine all this in a travel agency like NED organising Trails in magnificent landscapes abroad, it ticked all the boxes, a great way to transmit and share my passion for the Trail.

Founded in 1995 by Serge MOREL, a high mountain guide and former Chasseur Alpin officer, and co-directed by Cathy MOREL-JEAN since 2002, this small agency has organised more than 200 stage trails in more than 50 countries. Two hundred races, fifty countries, a real adventure, a great expertise.

Here I am as a partner since June 2020 for a smooth transmission of this very nice little company.

Serge was 48 years old when he created NED, I am 48 today, I hope to have the same energy as Serge in 25 years… Until 2022 at least we will combine our knowledge and do things together to co-lead, with very beautiful destinations to come, to run, to travel, to share.

See you soon on the trails,