Chartreuse BACKYARD ULTRA 2019, 1st édition,

What a pleasure to « bring joy » 😆 by co-organizing this race, with a few volunteer comrades (the Triumvirat (Cédric – Emmanuel – Nicolas – and myself), and a few other volunteers including Dominique, Roxane, Margot) : the 1st BACKYARD organized in France and affiliated to the BACKYAD world challenge.

As a reminder, BACKYARD ULTRA original idea initiated by the American organizer Lazarus Lake (also organizer of the Barkley) was to complete a loop of 6,706 km (4.167 miles) in less than an hour (equal to a 100 miles in 24 hours), and to be at the starting line again at the beginning of the following hour to run again, until there is only one runner left in the race who is, then, proclaimed WINNER.

On the way to mental and physiological limits …
– Maxime GAUDUIN 40h41mn21s, 41 loops, 274,93 km (170,83 miles)
– Valery CAUSSARIEU 40 loops, 268,22km (166,66 miles)

This is the outcome of the 1st Chartreuse BACKYARD ULTRA 2019 in Saint-Laurent-du-Pont. Brought down by a tendonitis at the lower part of his shinbone for a few dozen of loops (well, you must « die » from something in the end as the saying goes), Valery will have been the perfect sparring partner for Maxime who made it through with just as much injuries to body and mind. During the second night on Oct the 27th, 2019, from the 63 racers taking the start only one was left on the track … Maxime GAUDUIN, 32 yo, from Grenoble in Rhône-Alpes region. Congrats Maxime ! Congrats Valery ! And congrats to the other 61 participants who managed to achieve their own goal, 42km, 100km, 100 miles, … and congrats to the organization ! 😉

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