Back on this very special experience in Montmartre, try to go up and down the steps 271 times to reach 11,560 meters of elevation gain…

I have already done so many “bizzare” races… from the stairs to the climb-up of the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower, running loops like at the Barkley, so of course trying this format so special to me interested.

But arriving with a few more sequelae of my Achilles tendonitis, it was not in the best personal conditions.

This UTMM is very nice. Organized as an “off”, twenty runners, no bibs, each his own little aid station on the sidewalk, all you have to do is get started at night at 22:00 with others.

And then go up and down. The steps are regular. The thighs quickly became hot and the weather deteriorated. A special thing on this race is that you don’t have any time for relaxation or mental disconnection, as you always have to focus on the steps, uphill as downhill. But constantly crossing and overtaking the other competitors means that there is no loneliness.

Each lap is done in just a few minutes (3 to 6 minutes depending on everyone), and it is not possible to go into ascent or descent mode, the change is permanent.

After two hours of uphill descents, tensions in the right calf quickly reminded me that tendonitis was not completely treated.

I continue up to 2,000 meters of D +, or 46 climbs and a half in 3h13, and I stop there, satisfied to have tasted this particular effort.

Regarding the few rare finishers (and all those who held the 25 hours 12 minutes allowed to try to make the 271 laps), I damn take my hat off.

Going up 2 to 2 and going down 2 to 2 steps for 16 hours and 10 minutes is a real physical and mental performance. (3 minutes 35 seconds on average for the winner!).

If you go through Montmartre, just try one small round trip and look at your time, and you will see … Then more than 270 and you will be ready 😉

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