Riddle: what is the point between Raidlight, Apple, Tinder, Benetton…? you found ?

And yes…. I have the great pleasure to inform you that I am taking over  Raidlight and Vertical, within an independent company, SAS RAIDLIGHT, this evening July 31, 2020 midnight, with the collaboration of Vincent Thibaudat my ex-General Manager, as well as a group of passionate private shareholders and mostly outdoor enthusiasts.

Raidlight and Vertical of course remain in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse in the heart of the Alps, near Grenoble and Chambéry, where Trailers (you!) Are always welcome to come both to test the products and to visit the store, Made in France factory, and spend a few hours or a few days running or hiking, the head office being the departure station for marked trails, showers, changing rooms …

Be careful, there is no triumphalism in the current and future economic climate, we are very careful, and we will have to be thrifty, agile, and innovative.

Our project is to continue to make Raidlight and Vertical innovative and dynamic brands, to continue the path towards products that are always functional and at the same time more eco-responsible, to renew the specific range made in France in our workshop, to continue to associate you with the design of the products through our Team Raidlight open to all, all this within a human-sized and agile company located in the heart of the Chartreuse mountains.

After taking the reins of NED a few weeks ago, still running (yes!), I am personally happy to continue to forge my way in the world of Trail and the outdoors.

In link the full press release, and see you soon on the roads 😉


#Raidlight #TrailToBeAlive, #SerialEntrepreneur 2😉


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