Here is finally some good news, and I am proud and happy to participate in the establishment of ULTIME SPORT in Chartreuse. For the SME Ultime Sport and for Jérome and Natalia it is an opportunity for a living and working environment, for the Chartreuse it is an opportunity for economic development, and for some people looking for a job in Chartreuse in this moment is an opportunity… and a reality.

5 to 6 very short-term jobs in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse, a significant part of the medals and textiles produced in the Made in France workshop, if you are looking for a good supplier for race organizers, think ULTIMATE SPORT, it provides the whole range with responsiveness and quality.

The right meetings at the right time are not always the result of chance, dare to seize opportunities and work with openness, flexibility and good intelligence.

The ULTIME SPORT company moves to Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse.
ULTIME SPORT is an SME specializing in services to organizers of sporting events, created in 2016 by Jérôme and Natalia LELEU in Saint-Chef en l'Isère.
For 3 years ULTIME SPORT has become one of the essential specialists in medals and race trophies, more than 100,000 medals and trophies per year, for a clientele of Trails, Marathons, and other prestigious obstacle races. Equipped with two high-precision laser machines, the mastery of this technology and its know-how, ULTIME SPORT has become a major player in the manufacture of personalized engraved wooden medals.
The family-run SME has also developed into other specific product areas such as textile articles for race organizers, company trophies.

At the beginning of January, the SME moved to Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse in business premises rented from the Community of Communes Chartreuse Guiers (previously occupied by the Ski Factory), this in order to ensure its development and structure in the short term to 5-6 people in a workshop and more adequate offices than before.

The choice of the Chartreuse is as much that of a living environment for the LELEU family as the choice of setting up in an area of ​​renown for running, Trail, and outdoor in general.

The ULTIME SPORT Made in France workshop in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse:
Since its creation, ULTIME SPORT has produced a significant part of its productions in France.
The mastery of personalization and laser cutting technologies allows ULTIME SPORT to manufacture a whole range of wooden medals and trophies, and to achieve around 30% of its turnover in Made in France. The workshop aims to develop particularly with a textile workshop.
In constant growth for 3 years to reach a little over 480,000 €, ULTIME SPORT aims for strong growth in the coming years, and aims to become the French leader in providing a full service offer to race organizers, under the promise customer "make your shopping unforgettable".
In terms of local employment, ULTIME SPORT will have 5-6 short-term employees, and aims to double this in 2-3 years.

Jérôme LELEU:
"It is a very important step for ULTIME SPORT that this move into Chartreuse, and this transition from crafts to SMEs. We are confident in the future with our values ​​of creativity, responsiveness and service, which are the strengths of ULTIME SPORT.
We believe in Made in France for part of our production, and the workshop that we will continue to develop in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse will be a cornerstone of our development and our investments.

I thank the Community of Communes and the Municipality for their understanding of our needs and their availability, as well as Benoit LAVAL and Vincent THIBAUDAT who provide us with their support in a very minority but symbolic way of our arrival in this magnificent territory of Chartreuse. "

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