SerialEntrepreneur # 1: “NED – Nature Extreme Développement”

Here I am associated for a gentle transmission of this very beautiful little travel agency Trails. Founded in 1995 by Serge (MOREL-JEAN), mountain guide and former Alpine Chasseur officer, co-piloted with Cathy (MOREL-JEAN) since 2002, this small organization has organized more than 200 ultra-trails with stages in more than 50 countries . Two hundred races, fifty countries, a real adventure, a great expertise.

Serge was 48 years old when he created NED, I’m 48 today, I hope to have the same energy as Serge in 25 years… Until the end of 2021 the three of us will combine our knowledge and do together to co-direct , with very nice destinations to come, to run, to travel, to share.

Runner for almost 40 years and Traileur for more than 20 years, I organize Trails of all kinds since 1993, and I have traveled to thirty countries very often to run there, so combine all this in an agency like NED ticked all the boxes, a great way to transmit and share my passion for Trail.

I still believe in distant and responsible tourism, in the values ​​of peace in international sport, and in universalism through knowledge and respect for all cultures, of which travel is an essential vector.

Ireland travel is full, there are a few places left for Malta in August and Bouthan in September, as well as to discover the age-old wonder of the world in Petra, the Wadi-Rum desert with the Bedouins, and dive in salt water. from the Dead Sea…

See you soon on the trails,

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