Like everyone, I heard the news that Groupe Rossignol had decided to shut down Raidlight textile production workshop based in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse and dismiss 6 job positions. (see <here> )

This morning, after a short night’s sleep – and of course prior reflection -, I decided to contact Mr Bruno CERCLEY, CEO of Groupe Rossignol, to announce my initiative of recovering the production site, its craftsmanship, and its dismissed positions, and urged him to launch discussions as soon as possible about the project.

Needless to say, I feel sad and distraught about the potential loss of skills and the removal of 6 employees.

I do not understand the decision made as it seems the site was working perfectly earlier this year, with the new line Revolutiv ( and other outputs. As for now, and taking into consideration the offer made to Groupe Rossignol, I can only express my puzzlement.

Innovation, agility, reactivity, dynamism, … with these assets I wish to carry out the offer made to Groupe Rossignol and support the new economic project of establishing a workshop in France and in Chartreuse, that would be sustainable, dynamic, and meaningful.


As a reminder, Raidlight took on a 100% domestic production in France in 2008 when the company was still settled in Loire. We then decided, in 2011, to create a production site with another company, Badiane, in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse. In 2014, and within the framework of a consortium of companies, we carried out a call for national projects, initiated by the Ministry of Industry on the theme of Made in France production. With the help of local communities, we built the INOFAB workshop, with about twenty machines, and new approaches and expertise focused on ground-breaking innovation. More than ten employees used to create about 30.000 products each year, including the most innovative line, with the possibility of having personalized products on demand.

Illustrations : article from Dauphiné Libéré  dated back in 2015, pages of Raidlight’s 20 years anniversary booklet 1999-2019.

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